Since we believe that creativity and progress have no limits and going beyond the framework opens up many possibilities, we want to be a leader in the implementation of PR events and a producer of innovative trainings and courses. A multidisciplinary team, temperament and a growth mindset are the foundations of our operations.


By investing in personal development, we are able to build a well-coordinated team full of temperament that is a unique value of our company. Cooperation based on partner rules enables us to describe mutual goals clearly. Together we create events in a spirit of innovation and creativity, which in the long term will set a new quality in the event industry.

Get to know us

Kasia Hącia


Apparently being an event professional is something you’re born with. Kasia had already become a self-proclaimed Backstreet Boys manager back in high school.

Her educational background is a master’s degree in Geodesy and Cartography, so when it comes to planning, designing, documenting and supervising projects, it’s definitely something she has at her fingertips.

For seven years, she has been gathering experience, working on demanding and spectacular events in an international company. Therefore, it seems obvious that we have put designing events, scriptwriting, estimating costs, the production and supervision in her hands.

She's literally obsessed with organizing not only in her professional life, but she’s also an expert in giving unusual surprise gifts.

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Kasia Reczuch


Good communication is the foundation of a successful project! How to construct the bridges, communicate with efficiency and develop partnership – she knows best.

Her educational background is a master’s degree in Civil Engineering with specialization in construction of bridges. By avocation, she’s a photographer. She can objectively look at the team activities as a whole and verify whether they are consistent with the targets and requirements set. Always smiling, extremely open-minded and constantly interested in discovering new things. Contacting the contractors and subcontractors is in her hands.

If something doesn't surprise, she’s ready to improvise.

When no one is watching, she’s dancing.

Paweł Szewczuk


During events, we enable the recipient to meet the brand directly, so the first impression is important. The visual frame of the company should be exceptional and unique at every stage of the event and what’s more important – it should have an effective form.

An invitation, a logo, an advertisement, a banner or a photography should attract attention and be memorable.

A refined and creative graphic design in the company is ensured by the multi-instrumentalist of visual arts and not only that (he’s a graphic designer, a director of photography, a marketer and a photographer).

Robert Mańkowski


During events, what on stage and what behind the stage is equally important and mutually conditioned.

When cooperating with Robert, there’s no way you will encounter difficulties. He is a music therapist, so he will also take care of proper communication. Cleverness, hard work and inborn talent for do-it-yourself development are the qualities that make a great difference when it comes to technical planning of events.

His musical education, many years of stage experience and numerous projects as an acoustician and a tech expert allow him to react quickly and easily find himself in any situation, even unforeseen.

Małgorzata Mańkowska


The market is changing ever so quickly. What is a novelty today, will become something ordinary in half a year. New technologies do not omit the event industry.

Innovative ideas, great intuition and a fresh perspective allow her to be always up to date. As befits a musician, she can just fit right in with the band and she appreciates the beauty of teamwork. She is fascinated by the creation of events, because she can combine there everything she loves: stage, music, dance, creation. Speaking to people by means of a spectacle is her professional and life mission.

As a child, she wanted to become a pilot... Today, with passion and dedication, she is piloting Sansara.

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Kasia HąciaKasia ReczuchPaweł SzewczukRobert MańkowskiMałgorzata Mańkowska



Excellent organization, a comfortable place, everything buttoned up, the best multimedia equipment, attention to detail, an interesting scenario, and finally a great fun - these are the conditions of a successful event. Events that fill people with awe are characterized by one thing: they are organized by people with passion, fantasy and experience. People who fulfil themselves by creating and are not afraid of challenges.


  • Galas
  • Banquets
  • Conferences
  • Cultural projects
  • Artistic spectacles


  • Motivational trainings
  • Business trainings
  • Thematic trainings
  • Workshops


  • Coaches
  • Speakers
  • Artists
  • Masters of ceremonies


  • Technical and multimedia support
  • Scenography
  • Catering
  • Photo/Video documentation



Małgorzata Mańkowska
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Katarzyna Hącia
+48 721 140 905

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